Retouching your headshot: The fine line between "too much" and "just right".


Everyone wants to look their best in their professional headshots. With the editing tools available to photographers and the general population alike, the question comes up - how much retouching should a professional headshot receive?

It's no secret that we photographers can take the average person and Photoshop them into an unrecognizable, fabricated super model. We can snip and tuck, liquify, contour, and remove or add just about anything to your image. But how much retouching is too much?

There is a fine line we walk every time we begin retouching your images. Below are two headshots that we've retouched. The before image is straight out of camera with no retouching. The after image has One Tree Studio's retouching service applied. We remove stray hairs, brighten and colour correct, remove blemishes, even out skin tone, and lighten shadows to reduce wrinkles and darkness under the eyes.

Some photographers choose to take things too far - you've all seen images like this. The person looks like they have no pores, their pupils are glowing, and every line on their face as miraculously vanished. Imagine the shock when they show up for their job interview!

You can trust One Tree Studio to capture you in your best light, and provide professional retouching that looks just right! Contact us to invest in your professional image and book your headshot session today!