5 Reasons you should NOT put "New Headshots" on your 2017 To-Do List


January is here and you have some amazing goals in front of you. If you're like us, you've got a long "to-do" list of things you want to accomplish in the next twelve months. You're starting to check things off your list...except...headshots. Let's be honest, professional headshots did NOT make it on the list this year.

We'd like to present to you...the top 5 reasons we hear most often as photographers why you SHOULD NOT have your professional headshots done this year.

1. "My current profile picture is not bad...for a selfie. I'll make do with it for another year."

Consider this: You have one shot to make a great first impression as a professional. A great headshot could be the difference between an interview or no interview; a client contacting you or passing you by. You don't want to waste that opportunity! That selfie you took in your kitchen with your fridge in the background and that jug of orange juice on the counter is not sending out professional vibes! 

2. "I want to wait until I lose at least 20lbs. I hate how I look in pictures. When I can lose the extra load, I'll get my professional headshots done."

Consider this: A professional headshot can give you the confidence you need to step forward in your career. You're an amazing asset and a valuable team member and you don't need to be 20lbs lighter for that to be true. If you want to be treated like a professional, you must convey your professionalism. An amazing headshot can give you a big boost in that direction! Confidence is attractive, and it can start with a great new headshot.  

3. "I have nothing to wear and no time to get a new outfit. It's too much of a bother."

Consider this: A professional headshot only shows from the bust up. You don't need a new outfit! Our team is here to help you look your best, so bring your favourite clothes, a couple ties or necklaces, and we'll help you put together some great looks. The truth is, the most important part of a great headshot is not the outfit, but the eyes and the expression. You can communicate in one glance what kind of a person you are. It's our job to help you express it and capture the your professional vibe in a photograph.

4. "Nobody cares what I look like in my picture anyway. It's my credentials that matter that the most."

Consider this: Without a compelling headshot, a potential employer or customer may not ever get to your credentials. Never underestimate the importance and value of a strong online profile on services such as LinkedIn. Investing in professional headshots separates you from the crowd of people who are still using selfies! When employers are looking through resumes, or customers are looking for a professional to contact, who do you think will stand out from the crowd?

5. "It's too expensive!"

Consider this: At our studio, a new headshot is going to be in the range of $200+HST for the session fee and one professionally retouched image. The truth is, everyone can set aside money for the things that they value. A new headshot is an great investment into your career and your business. 

One Tree Studio has so many ways for you to easily and painlessly get "new headshots" checked off your to-do list this year! We'd be happy to serve:

  • Individuals and small groups at our Markham studio
  • Large groups (20+ people), with our mobile studio at your office 
  • Hundreds of people at your conference or trade show


In 2016, the team at One Tree Studio had the pleasure of providing hundreds of new headshots to individuals, entire offices, and trade show and conference attendees. 

We want to say thank you to all of the people we've met and photographed this year! It's been an honour to meet each one. Thank you for trusting us and thank you for joining the One Tree Family! We're excited to see what's in store for 2017 and want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

Now go ahead and click the "Contact Us" button, and check off "new headshots" on your 2017 to-do list.

You'll be so glad you did!