3 Reasons You Need a New Corporate Headshot

Whether you're a business owner, real estate agent, or recent graduate on your way to interviews and opportunities, every professional needs a great headshot. Use it on your website, for your LinkedIn profile picture, and in advertisements. 

Putting your best face forward with a great corporate headshot is an investment into your business and your career. 

Here are the 3 top reasons you need a new corporate headshot:

1. Your current profile picture is a selfie you took with your phone.

You want to market yourself as a professional, but in reality, your profile picture screams the opposite. These days, the first impression you make is often a result of your online presence. Your potential clients are researching all of their options on the internet right now as you read this blog post. They're trying to decide where to take their business. If you've used your cell phone to snap a selfie for your profile picture, you're sending the wrong message. It may even keep people from contacting you. Take a look at your current profile picture. What message does it send to your potential clients? The truth is that people with a great business headshot make a positive first impression!

2. You don't look like your profile picture anymore. 

Maybe you've had your headshots taken, but that was 10 years ago...or 20! Perhaps you've had an incredibly effective beauty regimen and you still look the same as you did 10 years ago, but chances are...you've changed! Your clients have seen your picture online or in an advertisement, but when they actually meet you for the first time in person - will they recognize you? Did you grow a beard since your last headshot? Did you let your 90's perm grow out? Hair and clothing styles change quickly. Does anything about your current headshot date your image? It's time to freshen things up and put your new self forward!

3. You deserve it!

You've worked hard to get where you are. You've studied, you've paid your dues, and you're ready to move forward. Why not give yourself a professional boost, pick up that new outfit you've been eyeing and have a professional photographer capture you looking your best? Just one great headshot could mean your foot in the door for an interview, or a client that decides to give you a call. It's priceless!

One Tree Studio is in the business of helping you look your best! With our professional photographers and studio retouching services, you'll have a beautiful new headshot to use quickly and affordably. We offer both in-studio services for individuals and mobile studio services for larger groups wanting an update.

It's time to update your headshots and give yourself a professional boost. You'll be so glad that you did! 

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