4 Apps Real Estate Agents Need for Success

Tips for Successful Real Estate Agent in Markham

If you're a real estate agent, you likely possess these qualities...

You're trustworthy, insightful, hard-working, friendly, and excellent at building relationships. 

But there are tens of thousands of active agents in the GTA alone. In a sea of so many agents, how will you make yourself stand out?

You may be working with a highly recognized real estate firm, but that alone may not be enough to have buyers and sellers lining up to work with you.

Here are 4 top apps to help YOU stand out so that clients are happy to work with you and refer their friends when it's time to buy and sell.


1. Keep your word with help from TODOIST.

A good relationship is built on trust and integrity. Keeping your word is SO VERY IMPORTANT! When you say you'll be at an appointment at 11am, be there at 11am (or earlier). If you say you'll deliver the paperwork this evening, deliver it! Do what you say you'll do...every day. Refuse to make promises that you know you can't keep. Making a promise you can't keep will damage the relationship you have with your client. In a world of disappointment and broken promises, a real estate agent who keeps their word with integrity stands out and gets noticed. 

One tool we can't live without is Todoist. It's an app that is easy to use and helps you keep your tasks organized. Keep all your obligations in it, and you'll never forget the things you have to do! It makes keeping your word easy!


3. Care about your clients with help from HIGHRISE.

A little bit of kindness goes a long way. Does your client have a birthday? Is their mother sick? What can you do to make their day a little brighter? Little acts of kindness show that you care about your client, not just making money off of them. You want to build a trusting relationship, and that means going out of your way to be kind. When a client feels like you've gone above and beyond your duty, they are so happy to use you again and to refer you to their friends. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it's not enough to just do your duty. You've got to impress and do something unexpected. Care about your clients! 

If someone refers a client to you, send them a thank you note with a gift card in it. They won't be expecting it and next time someone is looking for a real estate agent, guess who they'll think of...YOU!

You can use a tool like Highrise to stay organized. It's a simple customer relationship manager tool (CRM) that keeps track of your contacts, conversations, and important information about your clients. This tool will help you go above and beyond expectations!


3. Be reachable and communicate with help from NEWTON.

In a culture where everything is delivered immediately, clients get frustrated when they can't get the answers they need quickly. One way top real estate agents can stand out from other agents is to be reachable and communicate. If you're busy when a client leaves you a voicemail, send a text message or email immediately to say you're tied up but received their request. You're on it. You're looking out for them. Sometimes you can't give a answer right away. Just acknowledging their request puts them at ease that you're on their side and you're available for them. Great communication is the key to happy clients. Be reachable and communicate. 

At the studio, we all use NEWTON MAIL. Even though there are many free email apps, we've found that it's worth paying for Newton. It's that good. There are too many features to list here, so check it out! You'll be glad you did!


4. Get up-to-date on LINKEDIN with a new professional headshot!

First impressions can make or break how potential clients perceive you. It is crucial to start off on the right note.

Your online profile is often the first place clients get to meet you. Having a current LinkedIn profile is incredibly important for serious professionals. Now more than ever, it is so important that your headshot portrays who you are as a professional. Using anything less than a professional headshot will give your clients the wrong idea.

At One Tree Studio we understand how important first impressions are, and we're here to help! Our experienced photographers and friendly team can provide you with the tools you need to get the perfect headshot. We'll not only make you look great, but will let your unique personality shine through so YOU get noticed!

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